Yangzhou Besdi Decoration Co., Ltd.

We are new joined in Made-In-China, but we are not novice in this Industry...We have many skilled persons for our manufacturing...Moreover our technology and sales team are excellent, they are talents in copying and designing humanized new models...

You may see we have several solar lights, they are just our half-finished stock, we are trying our best to handle them, and gave up this solar industry.

As begining in B2B, we are not pursuing profits, we just hope we can expand our production, and send our best quality products to all over the world, for price is always negotiable.

Detailed Introduction:

Yangzhou Besdi Decoration Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializes in outdoor furniture, and outdoor lighting(mainly for wicker furniture, but with the demand from customer, we also set up production lines for solar lights). Since its establishment in 2009, Yangzhou Besdi Decoration has been developing rapidly, exporting to more than 50 countries worldwide as in Continents of Europe, USA, Canada, Japn, and Middle East etc.

Its manufacturing plant has expanded to about 6, 000 square meter with a workforce of 100 employees and tools has its advantage of controlling cost at relatively low level which makes pricing competitive and yet maintained good quality products.

If you would like to know more about our Newly Develop & Nicely Copied models, please send us mail, we will offer the password to you at soonest time...
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